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Imagine a world where Artists have the power to change their community.

Our Purpose

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LIC Initiative is a city-based project out of Jackson, MS powered by Community Aid Development (CAD) and Surdna. The objective is to empower artists of color to work with their communities to imagine and practice racially just systems and structures. Artists are selected and awarded funds to collaborate with other artists, artist collectives, and small artist organizations to create direct, on-the-ground support and technical assistance, specifically in the city of Jackson. 

The Breakdown

The projects aligned with this program must have three things in common:

  • Involve an artists (adult and adolescent) with a demonstrated commitment to working with community members to solve a community problem or pursue an opportunity to make that community better and more just.
  • They must clearly identify a system or structure that is racially unjust.
  • They must clearly propose a new racially just system or structure to put in place that support people of color to thrive.

Beyond the critique of systems, LIC Initiative seeks to support artists that are trying to prototype and create new systems in partnership with their communities in public spaces.

LIC will supply fellow creatives with financial support and the personal development/leadership skills needed to resolve social injustices identified in the community.

Fellow creatives partner with the community to cultivate an unorthodox solution to the problems in the community through people’s assemblies and artistic projects.

Fellow creative will assess the community needs rooted in social justice issues and curate unique systems to address community needs.

Project Phases

Phase 1

  • Select adult fellows
  • Hold People’s Assemblies
  • Identify community needs 

Phase 2

  • Assess community needs
  • Create radically just systems and structures
  • Implement projects 

Criteria to Apply

  • Currently reside in Jackson, MS
  • Be a person of color
  • Show how current artistic work speaks to social or racial injustices
  • Adult fellows must be 18 years or older
  • Provide two letters of recommendation
  • Have community project history
  • Be able to give examples of collaborations you’ve done with others

Frequently Ask Questions

Who can apply?

Any artist or creative working in the arts.

How often can I apply for the fellowship?

Fellowship is renewable once a year with a maximum time of 2 years in the program.

When are the monies distributed to the fellows?

Fellows will be awarded ($25k) funding annually.

What additional requirements are there outside of participating in the community projects?

Fellows must attend provided professional development sessions.

Do I have to participate in more than one community project as a Fellow?

Fellows must participate in all community projects.

When is the application deadline for 2020?

Application due date: September 25th, 2020

When does the community project work start?

LIC initiative start date: October 2020

How many other Fellows are a part of the project?

Seven adult fellows

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